4 Signs He Wants to Break Up (Do Any of These Sound Familiar?)

So, maybe things haven’t been going great with you and your boyfriend lately. Maybe the two of you have been a bit standoffish lately. Or perhaps you’ve just felt that he’s been pulling away from you. Here I’ll be sharing a few signs he wants to break up with you.

Signs He Wants to Break Up – 1 – He Says He Wants to Break Up

This is probably the most obvious of any signs he wants to break up. If your boyfriend tells you that he is actually thinking about breaking up or that he wants to, you’d better take that seriously.

If he hasn’t actually broken up with you yet, then all this means is that he is extremely dissatisfied with your relationship and he is considering moving on with his life without you. If you want to avoid the break up, then you need to act to find out specifically what the main frustration is your boyfriend is feeling.

Signs He Wants to Break Up – 2 – He Says He Wants an Open Relationship

If he has been committed to you in the past and suddenly he tells you that he wants to open up the relationship so that he can date other women, this is also one of the big signs he wants to break up. This is a watered down version of him directly telling you he wants to break up with you.

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Basically he is trying to keep the relationship with you while testing the waters with other women. Don’t be surprised if the open relationship quickly turns into him dumping you as soon as he meets another woman.

Signs He Wants to Break Up – 3 – He Seems to Avoid Spending Time with You

Maybe your relationship has gotten a little stale with time. However, if your boyfriend seems to be finding excuses to stay away from home later like working late, spending more and more time with his friends, or even getting too close for comfort with a new “female friend.”

The point being that if he doesn’t want to spend time with you and he is looking for reasons to spend his time with other people, you’d better believe that this is a huge sign he wants to break up.

Signs He Wants to Break Up – 4 – He Stops Talking About the Future (with You)

If your boyfriend doesn’t seem to mention a shared future with you anymore, you’d better take this as one of the big signs he wants to break up. We make plans with those we want to be part of our lives.

However, when his future doesn’t seem to include you in it, youĂ•d better believe that he is probably thinking of cutting you out of his life and moving on without you.

So these are a few signs he wants to break up. If you notice any of these, be sure to have a talk with your boyfriend to figure out what is going through his mind. It could be that the two of you just need to spend more time really being with each other and enjoying life. Or it might be that your relationship is heading for a break up.

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