What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Doesn’t Love Me Anymore?

Are you constantly questioning whether or not your boyfriend is still in love with you? Once we find a man we love and he returns that love, it can be a little daunting to know that you can lose it. Just when you think that everything is going right between you and your boyfriend, doubts of insecurity sneak in, causing havoc in your mind– like my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore.

Do you get strange vibes from your boyfriend as if something is wrong? Perhaps you’ve asked him so many times if things are okay and you keep getting the same answer, “yeah, why?” Every time you ask him if things are okay, you feel even worse inside because things might not be okay. Here are the most common questions people ask when their not feeling the love from their boyfriend.

Q: I’m worried my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore! What can I do to prevent him from breaking up with me?

A: Before you begin to panic, you need to look for solid proof that your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore. Does your boyfriend constantly check out other girls in front of you? Has he mentioned that he’s interested in an open relationship? Does he insult you with harsh comments and calls you names you wouldn’t even say out loud to your own mother? A boyfriend in love would never do or say anything to hurt you. Most times, we add or distort experiences because our subconscious mind self sabotages the good things in life.

There is nothing you can do to prevent him from breaking up with you. You can not control what he feels or desires. The only thing you can control I yourself. If you’re worried your boyfriend doesn’t love you, you may lack self confidence and self esteem. It’s hard to love and be attracted to someone who hardly loves themselves. If you feel you’re confidence and self love is slipping, you will need to work on being the woman your boyfriend loves.

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Q: I don’t think my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore. What do you mean my subconscious is self sabotaging my own happiness?

A: Everyone has deeply rooted negative beliefs about themselves. These negative beliefs could be anything from “I’m not good enough” to “I don’t deserve what I want.” Our negative beliefs stem from our childhood. Through out our lives, as a self preservation act, our subconscious mind tries to prove that our negative beliefs are true. If you don’t believe that anyone will ever love you or that you’re good enough to be loved, chances are high that your subconscious mind is trying to sabotage you. That’s why you keep telling yourself “my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore.”

What you need to do to over come these beliefs is to practice and nurture self love. You can change your beliefs to what you truly want, it won’t be easy but it will take some time. Practice self affirmations. Tell yourself that you are the most amazing thing in the world and that your boyfriend is lucky to have you in his life. Try to tell yourself everyday that you are worth what you want. Instead of worrying about “my boyfriend doesn’t love me,” ask yourself if you love yourself. You need to work on your self love to attract your boyfriend’s love.

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