The Real Truth: Do Couples Get Back Together?

Whether or not couples get back together is dependent upon several factors. There is no percentage that is going to give you hope. There is also no formula to follow when it comes to making it work the second time around. Whether or not it works depends on how mature the people involved are. Another is how the relationship ended and what the problems were. And third, it depends on how committed both people are to getting back together. Both people need to want to get back together 100% in order for it to work.

Couples who get back together generally know what they want the second time around. People who make it work the second time around have to be expert communicators. Couples who wish to get back together need to have long talks about what it is they both want out of the relationship and get clear on how not to repeat the same mistakes again. What is it that you want to achieve as people both in and outside of the relationship? Is it going to cause more pain by getting back together, or is getting back together truly going to bring both of you more happiness?

How the relationship ended is another factor in determining whether or not couples get back together. When thinking about your relationship, what went wrong? Both people need to agree on what went wrong and go from there. If you cannot even agree on what went wrong the first time, this should be a warning that perhaps the two of you are too different to make it work again. Also, if apologies have not been made and are warranted, they need to be made so that neither people hold any resentment about how the relationship went down the first time around. There is no shame in apologizing for your mistakes. Make sure that the apologies are heartfelt.

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Couples who get back together successfully have one thing in common: they are both committed to making it work again. This means being even more committed than you were the first time around. Yes, the honeymoon may have worn off already, but we all know that is not true love anyways. The honeymoon period is just a feeling that goes along with having rose-tinted glasses when you first fall in love. There is nothing your partner can do to upset you during this time. You see an unrealistic image of the person you are with.

While this is normal at first, generally you will not experience with as much intensity the second time around. This is one of the main reasons couples who get back together have such a hard time with it; they do not experience a honeymoon like they did the first time. If you are someone who lives for the thrill of the chase or the rush of the honeymoon, be prepared for disappointment. This is not how it is going to be the second time around, and you need to be realistic about what to expect.

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