He Doesn’t Love Me Anymore! – Discover What to Do Next

Did you and your boyfriend recently broke up or in the midst of taking a “break?” Are you riddled with questions to “why he doesn’t love me,” or “what did I do wrong?” If so, check out what other people are asking to clarity on this topic.

Q: My ex boyfriend acts as if he doesn’t love me anymore! If only he’ll listen to me, I can change his mind. What am I doing wrong?

A: There are a couple major things you’re doing wrong. First, your ex boyfriend will not respond to any of your calls or messages because you are not understanding what he needs right now– time and space away from you! You must understand one thing, you can’t make your ex feel or think a certain way. No matter how much you try to “convince” your ex to take you back, you are doing more damage than good if you want to get your relationship back on track.

Q: I’m so sad my boyfriend acts as if I don’t mean anything to him or as if he doesn’t love me. If I can’t contact him, what can I do to get him back?

A: Right now, you have access to the most powerful tool you need to get him back– yourself. The only thing you can control is your thoughts, feelings and actions. While you may constantly be thinking that I want my ex back, what should I do, this really isn’t very productive. Take this time to focus on your own life and what you can do to improve on it. Is there a certain aspect in your life that you’ve left unmaintained? Do you have any old relationships or goals you’ve put on hold? Is there a certain part in your life that could use some improving? This will help you shift your mindset from needing him to wanting him.

Q: My boyfriend acts like he doesn’t love me. How in the world will shifting my mindset help me get him back?

A: Right now you NEED him back in your life because your happiness depends on it, right? Well that is the worst mindset to have. When you NEED him, you are putting all your happiness on just one person– your ex feels this and it pushes him away. When you rely on someone else to be happy, you are coming off as desperate and unattractive. Have you ever seen someone who was in desperate need to get something? It doesn’t look very pretty and your boyfriend can’t help but feel repelled by someone who NEEDS him. A better strategy is to make your ex miss you – do this by not coming off as needy and desperate and instead focusing on positive behavior that will build up your confidence.

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Before you two began dating, you both WANTED each other and you didn’t NEED each other. You need to become that person your ex was initially attracted to. A break up and life’s harsh realities can cause major damages to a person’s self esteem and confidence.

You need to gain your confidence and work on your self love in order to become the person they were initially attracted to. Instead of telling yourself “he doesn’t love me anymore,” you must figure out what you can do right now to make yourself feel better.

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