3 Shocking Ways On How to Know When your Relationship is Over

More than anything else, it’s important to know if how you are living fits with your purpose or direction in life. Your purpose doesn’t have to be serious or a some big goal, but could be the lifestyle that you value. You should ask yourself how the person you are with fits in with your purpose. In a strong relationship your partner will actually make you even more enthusiastic to live up to it. Yet, it’s common to see many couples get together with no regard for this foundational aspect of the relationship. Later they find they don’t support each other very well as individuals. Love tends to do what it wants with us so we can forgive ourselves for rushing into uncertain relationships. Now you need to know if the relationship is worth staying in and how to know when your relationship is over.

On your side of things, how to know when your relationship is over, is when your lover doesn’t get excited about, or show interest in your life anymore. They might even exhibit negative emotions about things which are important to you or make you happy. It could be jealousy or contempt. This definitely isn’t worth your time at this point. You can talk to them about it but if you don’t see any improvement soon, start thinking about getting out. Of course, the same rule goes if that’s how you feel about their them. If you aren’t impressed, admiring, or enthusiastic about what they have going on it might not be worth it. You also might really care about them too so you could encourage them to pursue what makes them happy but people usually need to figure this kind of thing out for themselves.

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You can also try asking yourself for what reasons you are in this relationship. If your answers seem to point towards to the idea that it’s better than being lonely its a sign of how to know your relationship is over. Don’t become so dependent on someone just because they make themselves available to you. It’s all too common for people to stay in abusive relationships because they don’t want to be lonely. It will be better for you to get out of this type of relationship and work on being alone but not being lonely. These are two different things. When you are alone and truly present and ok with it, there is a sense of completeness to it. Next time your by yourself try closing your eyes and just be there and take a deep breath.

Finally, for how to know your relationship is over, observe. We are all programmed to be excellent body language readers but sometimes we ignore what we see. What does their smile tell you, the energy of their movements, even the way they are breathing. These are cues that can tell you how healthy the relationship is doing. Sometimes we might fake emotional states for the sake of maintaining the “status” of the relationship. Do you have to put on “a show” for your partner? This is a waste of your energy because you should naturally be your truest self when you are with a great love.

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