How to Win Someone Back – What to Do Right After the Breakup

Just because your partner has told you he or she doesn’t want to continue their relationship with you doesn’t mean that it’s over. If you’re wondering, “Do couples get back together?“, then remember, they do sometimes and there is hope. There are certain things you can do immediately after a breakup that will help you when figuring out how to win someone back.

How to Win Someone Back – Don’t Panic
No matter how calm or rational a person you are, after a breakup it’s perfectly natural and normal to panic. The loss of control you feel when the relationship ends, as well as the sudden feelings of lonliness and an unknown future, can make even the strongest person react poorly.

However, when trying to get your relationship back, remember that panic is the enemy. Begging your partner, drunk dialing at night, and similar actions won’t help at all – they’ll only serve to distance you from the one you love.

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How to Win Someone Back – Take a Break
One of the absolute best (and most important) things you can do when figuring how to get a relationship back on track is to keep total distance from your ex. If you’re wondering should I contact my ex, the truth is it’s probably best not to. If she or he actually used the words “I need some space”, make sure you make your ex feel like they are on a different planet!

This may be counter-intuitive – you may think that the best thing to do at this point is to show how much you love and care for your ex, but this will only make matters worse. It’s critical for he or she to miss you.

However, if you absolutely have to see your ex, for example, at work or in a class you both take, don’t act weird by completely avoiding him or her. Smile, say “hello”, but avoid deep conversation.

How to Win Someone Back – Try to Enjoy your Free Time
Relationships take a lot of time, and while there are a lot of benefits to being in one, there are also a lot of benefits to NOT being in one! Allow yourself to rekindle old friendships, renew old hobbies, take an interesting class you never had time for, or start that exercise program you’ve been putting off. There are many ways to spend your time productively.

One of the best strategies for how to win someone back is to really become your own person again – an interesting, exciting individual who has a lot going on – not the lonely, depressed from the break up, self-pitying person who sits around doing nothing all day. We’ve all been through heartbreak, but try not to dwell on it too much. Make sure to spend time with friends – this has been proven to help.

How to Win Someone Back – Conclusion
Remember that desperation and panic is really bad and won’t help you get your ex back. What will help you immensely is acting calmly, keeping some distance, and acting to improve yourself and your life.

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