Why My Ex Won’t Talk To Me? – Discover The Truth Before It’s Too Late

Does your ex refuse to talk to you? It seems like whatever you do or say, your ex refuses to listen. I know how excruciating and stressful it is to be going through an unpleasant breakup. If you keep saying to yourself “I don’t understand why my ex won’t talk to me,” get some clarity here.
It’s probably safe for me to assume that right now you’re feeling hurt, distraught, heartbroken and at loss for what to do next. You’re a mixed bag of negative emotions and in complete turmoil. With that said, you probably don’t feel very great about yourself, a breakup can completely undo all confidence and self-esteem you have. “Why my ex won’t talk to me” is a question that many people who go through a breakup ask themselves.
What your ex wants right now is time and space to reevaluate their own life without you in it. The more you try to contact your ex, the more you are trying to convince your ex to take you back.
As much as you wish you could, you can’t control your ex’s feelings. So, trying to “convince” your ex why they should take you back is futile and will most likely push your ex even further away from you.
You are not giving your ex what they want and you behavior is coming off as desperate and needy. Now tell me, does desperate attempts to get your ex to take you back seem very attractive to you? I don’t think so and neither does your ex.
If you’re riddled to with thoughts of “Why my ex won’t talk to me?”, chances are high that you are not in the right mindset to win your ex back.
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Right now, you “need” your ex to respond to you. When you need your ex to do something, you are giving off a vibe of desperation that your ex can literally feel. Not only is this vibe very unattractive but it also drives your ex even further away from you.
Stop asking yourself “Will my ex call,” and “Why my ex won’t talk to me.” Instead ask yourself, “What can I do to be happy right now?” You might be thinking “huh?” But when it comes down to it, the only way you can get your ex to talk to you is if you attract your ex back (just like you did before you both became an official couple.)
The only way to attract your ex back is if you shift your mindset and realize this whole time you’ve been looking in the wrong place to find happiness. You’ve been reaching out to your ex in hopes they will talk to you because you feel as if you NEED them to be happy when this whole time you should have been looking inside of yourself.
You are the only person you should ever rely on to be happy. Once you get this, your chances of attracting your ex back will immensely increase. With all that said, stop asking yourself  “why my ex won’t talk to me, ” instead ask yourself what can you do right now to feel better about your life.

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