10 Signs That He Wants You Back: One May Shock You

He broke up with you and now you are devastated. The most common thing we do when this happens is to look for the slightest ounce of hope that it could still work out. How do we know if there is still a chance? What are the signs that he wants you back?

1.) He wants you back if when unprovoked, he makes an effort to contact you either by email, phone, or texting.

2.) He wants you back if he tries to stall or makes up things up to say in conversation just to be around you longer.

3.) He wants you back if he admits where he went wrong in your relationship and proceeds to explain how much he has changed.

4.) He wants you back if he tries to make physical contact with you by trying to hold your hand, wanting to sit by you, putting his arm around you, etc.

5.) He wants you back if he is overly nice to people who are important to you and asks your friends a million questions about you whenever he sees them.

6.) He wants you back if he is making inquiries about who you are hanging out with. This is his way of finding out if you have moved on.

7.) He wants you back if he does nice things for you like buys you flowers, takes you to dinner, etc.

8.) He wants you back if he insists on telling you about personal improvements he has made and programs he has joined, such as the gym, therapy, A.A., etc.

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9.) He wants you back if every time you see him he looks better than he did before. This is his way of looking good for you.

10.) He wants you back if he is constantly looking after your safety. For example, if he notices your car making a funny noise and he insists on taking a look, chances are he wants you back.

If he is showing you one or all of these tell-tale signs, then chances are he wants you back. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want him back or not. If he is not showing you these signs that he wants you back, it does not necessarily mean that he does not want you back. It could be that he is shy and does not want to seem presumptuous.

After all, if you really do mean that much to him, chances are he knows you could choose any number of guys to be your man. Conversely, if he is showing you maybe one of these signs but nothing else to go with it, do not just assume he wants you back. He may not want you back and life goes on. If it turns out he does want you back and you decide to go for it, start out with some ground rules so that you do not return to the same relationship that you had before with him – the one that was not working for whatever reason.

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